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Strategy Methodology 

Strategic Direction and Objectives drive integrated planning

MavenPoint Data Validation & Analysis Methodology

Industry Analysis

Business Strategy

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths – identifying existing business strengths
  • Weaknesses – identifying existing business weaknesses
  • Opportunities – what market opportunities might there be for the business to exploit?
  • Threats – where might the threats to the future success come from?


PEST Analysis


  • Political: local, national and international political developments – how will they affect our client’s business organisation and in what way/s?
  • Economic: what are the main economic issues – both nationally , regionally and internationally – that might affect the client’s organisation?
  • Social: what are the developing social trends that may impact on how the client’s organisation operates and what will they mean for future planning?
  • Technological: changing technology can impact on competitive advantage of our client’s very quickly!


Five-Forces Analysis


  • Developed by Michael Porter: forces that shape and influence the industry or market the organisation operates in.


Strength of Barriers to Entry – how easy is it for new rivals to enter the industry?

Extent of rivalry between firms – how competitive  is the existing market?

Supplier power – the greater the power, the less control the organisation has on the supply of its inputs.

Buyer power – how much power do customers in the industry have?

Threat from substitutes – what alternative products and services are there and what is the extent of the threat they pose?


  • Internal control is set of activities that are layered onto the normal operating procedures of an organization, with the intent of safeguarding assets, minimizing errors, and ensuring that operations are conducted in an approved manner and to


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